Thursday, November 19, 2009

consistent with my goal to become full employee

Today I learn word consistent with. This word remain for my to consistent about all my goal. One of my goal are to finished my thesis and to become full employee.

This is my strategy fo finished my thesis
  1. ask GOD that I can finished my thesis
  2. read 30 minute about thesis
  3. write 30 minute about my thesis
    - my thesis theme about NMS (Network Management System)
This is my strategy to become full employee.
  1. Fix my relationship with GOD
    - sin (don't repeat your and wipe your sin)
    - grateful
    - ask your wish to GOD

  2. increase your skill everyday
    - cisco skill
    - networking skill
    - people skill
    - islamic motivation skill
    - new health information

"We must sure if we consistent with our goal then our goal will be come true."

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