Wednesday, November 18, 2009

angry with my self

today i learn word angy with. This is remain me about how angry with my self.

Why I angry with my self :
  1. I am always wasting my life to watch movie.

    If can stop this bad habbit, i think i will be a success man.

  2. I am always to do sin at saturday and sunday.

    The things that not allowed in any religion

  3. Not finished my thesis

    this because i have bad habbit like always watching tv,
    to do sin at saturday and sunday and of course because
    i am not put my thesis at my top priority

  4. there are lot of that i angry with, i can't write all in this blog

This my tips how make angry useful for remove bad habbit :
  1. let it out your anger by remember all of weekness and
    bad things about your life.

    Say it, write it.

  2. make commitment that you must change your life

  3. make new goal in future what happen if you can stop
    your bad habbit

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  1. wah, gak ngarti bahasa inggrisnya.. huhuhu.. abis di raport smp dulu bahasa inggris dapet nilai jeblog.. salam kenal aja from tasikmalaya.