Monday, December 20, 2010

how to write blog with english language

How to write blog with english language

We know how difficult is to write English language for a country whose primary language is not using english language. But writing by using English language is a obligation because the English language has become an international language.

By writing with English, we could get more money from blogs. Because blogs that speak with english language have many opportunities to earn lot of money primarily paid review business.

How do we practice wo write with english language :
  1. use

    Type sentence with our language (example : indonesia language) and use to translate to english language. (We can look example below)

  2. practice writing comment with english language on other blogs.

    Write our comments with english language on others blog. We can start with comment by using english language at our country blog (example : indonesia blogger with indonesia language). And we must do it everyday.

    After we have advance comment with english language (not using then next step we can comment on blogger that using english language.

  3. Writing our blog at least once a week with english language.

    By writing articles with english language then we will begin to get experience writing with english language.

English Note :
- writing blog with english language

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