Sunday, December 6, 2009

attitude that women like

Do you want beautiful women like you. You can read my tips below

This are the attitude that women like :
  1. communicative

    Confidence and good people skill (Good listener).

    For increase people skill you can read Dale Carnagie book about people skill

  2. care

    Give your attention to the girl that you like

  3. understanding

    easy to forgive her mistake

  4. firm

    you can take decision .

  5. obstinate and patient

    not easy to give up,

  6. treat and honour women

    treat lady like women.

  7. protective women

    make her comfort

  8. appraise her

    - tell you miss her
    - give your attention to the girl that you like
    - listner all her problem.

  9. sympathetic

    - nice to her, her family, her friend and her environment

  10. romantic

    - do romantic things to her.

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