Sunday, November 29, 2009

conversations tips with beautiful women

to get beautiful women we must have good communicator and good listerner. the more we expert in this field the more beautiful women that we will get.

this are conversation tips to increase conversation with beautiful women :

  1. practice our basic people skill

    a. practice how to start conversation with people

    practice start conversation with 5 people everyday for
    minimum 90 days. You can improve this by reading Dale
    carnagie book about people skill.

  2. start open conversation with simple conversation opener.

  3. give them compliment
    - how attactive they are
    - how beautiful they are
    - how they have beautiful smile
    - about their hair
    - about their white skin
    - about their sexy body
    - about their smart brain.

  4. say anything
  5. tell them about our good news
  6. tell them about how we enjoy our live (thinks positive)
  7. keep patient and persist

    sometime you look women like this :
    - resistant at first
    - play hard to get
    - even act uninterested.

    we must keep patient and persist, she will fall in love to you if you patient and persist.

  8. make them
    - feel comfortable with you
    - they trust their secret.
    - be best friend of her

  9. don't give up when we have failure conversation with beautiful women
    - learn what the failure and fix it.

  10. practice conversation with beautiful women with any situasion

    - the word we use
    - the voice
    - the body language.

  11. learn to be confidence man

This my FAQ about to increase conversation tips with beautiful women
  1. how we can be good communicator and good listner ?
  2. how to start conversation with beautiful women ?
  3. what conversation that beutiful women like ?
  4. what conversation that beautiful women make them like and intresting for me ?
  5. how make women feel comfort when they talk to me ?

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