Friday, November 6, 2009

increase my skill at office

To become best employee I must increase my skill every day.

The things that I must learn everyday to increase my skill and become full employee
  • Relation to GOD
    - forgive from all my sin
    - grateful to GOD
    - Motivation and set Goal

  • Communication
    - good communication with people
    - good communication with phone
    - read Dale Carnagie book about people skill

  • Cisco skill
    - learn new cisco skill everyday

    - learn cisco certification module
    a. CCNA
    b. CCNP ( 4 module)
    c. CCIE

  • Networking skill
    - after I master cisco skill at CCIE Certification.
    I will learn the thing below

    a. Linux
    b. Hacking (CHE Certification)
    c. Server Microsoft (MCSE Certification)

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- stop worries

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  1. That's a good idea!!! We should increase our skill if we want to be a good employee.