Monday, August 17, 2009

my first writing

this my first writing. name putra. I wrote this blog to practice my english.
I am from indonesia. I hope that i can be good writing in englih.

I create this blog because some event make me to motivate to improve my english.
Because at Saturday (Aug 15 2009), i attend at wedding my neighbors. And my friend
and my young brother, speak english frequently and i cannot speak english well.

And because that reason i have motivation to improve my english.

And I will write this blog everyday.

the things that i will write are:

  1. my success story every day
  2. my strengh
  3. etc ( i will add the list)

the rule that i will write

  1. I am from Indonesian
  2. I live at east jakarta
  3. I don't use the real name, but the story is true.

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